Jonah Udall

Guitarist · Composer · Director

New album and new chamber collective

I love bands that are a product of deep relationships. Bands of people, not of instruments. Because who would have ever thought to put together trombone, saxophone, bassoon, guitar and bass? But when it’s three triplets and two best friends, it makes all the sense in the world. Our debut album just came out, check it out!

Listen to Threeplustwo


Announcing ECHOensemble!

I am so excited to finally announce a project that has quietly taken over my life the last two years. Research and workshopping with countless artists in Miami, Oakland, Banff and Brooklyn has materialized into ECHOensemble, a collective of musicians and dancers creating evolving architecture of movement and sound with my practice called “SHIFT.” Check us out online:


New composition and video!

I am very excited to announce the release of "set-go," my collaboration with choreographer and videographer Liana Klienman. It was a labor of love of many months, supported by some truly marvelous musicians and dancers. I hope you enjoy!

Movement and sound

One of the most inspiring things about being in New York has been a deepening involvement with the dance community. Insprired by improvising with dancers at the Banff Centre this summer, I began hosting monthly movement and sound improvisation sessions in October to explore the shared language of our mediums. In January we had the incredible fortune to present one such improvisation at the Triskelion Arts "Never Before, Never Again" improvised dance festival, and even convinced them to let us seat some of the audience on the stage with us. Check out some highlights below!

A new trio

I recently acquired a beautiful restored 1936 National Duolian resonator guitar, which has fast become an obsession of mine. I've put together a new band to explore its sound, with fellow Brooklynites Brian Krock on woodwinds (saxophone, bass clarinet and oboe) and Jake Shandling on drums. We're debuting at the Bar Next Door this Thursday 12/28 at 6:30pm! More to come soon!