Jonah Udall

Composer · Director · Guitarist

Performance art installation for World Pride

This month, I was blessed with a truly unique and powerful opportunity. I assisted Raven Taisce White, brilliant queer choreographer and director of BIRDHOUSE, in directing “Always Already,” a performance art installation commissioned by the Port Authority of NY & NJ in the WTC Oculus for World Pride Month. It was a bold expression of inclusion, individuality, and queerness in all its rich breadth. A public negotiation of intimacy, of honest relationship when humans are allowed to be who they are. Thousands of people stopped to watch over the four hours our 24 performers walked across the space, meeting with eye contact, touch and embrace, and laying each other on the ground. I am so proud to have been a part of making this happen. Stay tuned for a short video recap soon!


On tour with Threeplustwo

Several years ago, this unlikely band came to be and I’m really happy that we’re coming back together for a brief tour this month. Threeplustwo is two of my dearest friends and collaborators, bassist Lowell Ringel and saxophonist David Leon (of Sound Underground), along with Lowell’s two triplets, amazing musicians themselves, trombonist Evan Ringel and bassoonist Ivy Ringel. It’s the most unusual of instrumentations, and also one of the most skilled groups of musicians I’ve ever been a part of. We released a short record you can hear here this past fall. Next week, we’ll be teaching and playing all over North Carolina, as well as making a swing up to Baltimore for a very cool show. Looking forward!


A winter solstice celebration


Over the past year I have grown close with the wonderful folks at the Make Music Alliance, an organization spearheading open source, come-all musical celebrations in the streets of cities around the world, every summer and winter solstice. I am so excited to be organizing with them a public, participatory staging of Pauline Oliveros’ powerful “The Heart Chant,” a simple invitation for healing through vocalization and listening. I’ll be joined by a core group to invite passers by in the heart of Lower Manhattan to join with us. Pauline’s work is just what the world needs right now, and I’m so happy to be able to bring it to NYC in this way.

New album and new chamber collective

I love bands that are a product of deep relationships. Bands of people, not of instruments. Because who would have ever thought to put together trombone, saxophone, bassoon, guitar and bass? But when it’s three triplets and two best friends, it makes all the sense in the world. Our debut album just came out, check it out!

Listen to Threeplustwo


Announcing ECHOensemble!

I am so excited to finally announce a project that has quietly taken over my life the last two years. Research and workshopping with countless artists in Miami, Oakland, Banff and Brooklyn has materialized into ECHOensemble, a collective of musicians and dancers creating evolving architecture of movement and sound with my practice called “SHIFT.” Check us out online: